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Joyce's Famous Garlic Chicken Recipe!

Have a "Last Birthday Party" MOVIE NIGHT BY pairing any of the many great film titles MENTIONED in the book!

Risky Business * Fast Times at Ridgemont High * The Joy Luck Club *           Goodfellas * Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore * Moonstruck *              Three Days of the Condor * The Honeymoon Killers * Casablanca *                  Goldfinger * Dr. No * Wedding Crashers * Citizen Kane *                    Chungking Express * As Good as it Gets *The Breakfast Club *        Taxi Diver *  The Big Chill * Roman Holiday

Book Club & Discussion Questions
Downloadable PDF:


I would be happy to Zoom into your local book club meeting to chat about

The Last Birthday Party.

  Email me via the Contact page on this site!

Virtual visit with the

"Read Housewives of Fresno, CA"

book club 12/2/21 

Take the "Last Birthday Party" tour
of L.A. eateries!

Pace, Laurel Canyon:

Joan’s on Third, West Hollywood:

Mercado, 3rd & Fairfax:

Pink's Hot Dogs, Hollywood:

Vito’s Pizza, West Hollywood:

Salt & Straw, Larchmont Village:

Tender Greens, Studio City:

Snapshots from The Last Birthday Party

Download recipe here: 

Laurel 2.jpg
Betty birthday2 2021 (2).jpg
Jeremy's beloved
grapefruit tree
(in better days)
"Big Bertha"
Jeremy's abduction
pillow brace
Deer watching
in Cambria
Laurel Canyon View

Katie & Crash's

dog Lola

Cambria coastline

Bungalow4 (2).jpg

Madonna Inn,

San Luis Obispo, CA


Hollywood Bungalow

Not just another beach ball

Cassie's MINI Cooper

The koala bear

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