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“There are so many surprises and joys in this beautiful, human, well-told, emotionally rich story, that you won't want it to end.” -- Iris Rainer Dart, bestselling author of Beaches

“A highly pleasurable read with a lovable main character at its center… Goldstein expertly captures Nate’s essence with sharp dialogue and a relatable interior monologue. The author also gives us a fine-tuned exploration of what family means… in this TREASURE OF A NOVEL. I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever been at a crossroads in life—which is everyone!” – Elyssa Friedland, author of Last Summer at the Golden Hotel

“Sensitive, wonderfully detailed… Deeply emotional and filled with complex, but ultimately lovable characters—in other words, just like a real family.” -- W. Bruce Cameron, #1 New York Times  bestselling author of A Dog's Purpose

“Goldstein has crafted a ‘what if?’ tale that’s as poignant and profound as it is propulsive. An evocative journey of love, loss and discovery.” -- Darin Strauss, award-winning author of Half a Life and The Queen of Tuesday


One of the Top 10 "Must-reads of the Fall 2022 semester" - Jessica Messina, USC Daily Trojan

One of the
"Must-Read Books
of Fall 2022" -
Town & Country
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The Mother I Never Had

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Hadleigh House
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Available through all
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The novel that asks:
What would YOU do?

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It's tough enough for L.A. landscape designer Nate Cronin when his professor father, Jim, who raised him alone since birth, dies, leaving Nate an orphan at thirty years old. But when the provocative and mysterious Amy enters Nate’s life soon after, it sends him on a devastating journey to unravel the truth about his past, the veracity of Amy’s claims, and the history of the father he adored.   

At the same time, Nate must come to terms with his commitment to his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer, a dance instructor whose patience with the resistant Nate frays as she attempts to help him navigate the psychological minefield set off by Amy’s arrival.

The Mother I Never Had asks readers to consider what they would do if they found themselves faced with a parent they never knew existed—and if they could accept the secrets and lies that kept her away for a lifetime. 

“Can a mother’s love ever come too late? A poignant and powerful story about loss and love, and the lie that sent two lives on trajectories of regret. You’ll think about The Mother I Never Had long after you put it down."

                                                                                                                           – Ken Pisani, Los Angeles Times bestselling author of AMP’D


“Goldstein is a skilled storyteller and his latest book is a real page-turner. His vividly crafted characters draw you in and the plot has twists and turns about family  dynamics that keep you guessing right up to the end. I couldn't put the book down—and neither will you.” – Andrea Cagan, New York Times bestselling author of Diana Ross: Secrets of a Sparrow and Grace Slick: Somebody to Love?

"An outstanding story of family flaws and connections... Strong characters, motivations and believable events that lead to astonishing situations... [with] unexpected twists and turns." - D. Donovan, Senior Editor, Midwest Book Review

"This interesting and sensitive tale is hard to put down. An unusual and thoughtful look at human imperfection and the compassionate acknowledgment of its reach." - Terri Portelli,

"I enjoyed the book tremendously! When you leave this novel, you truly feel as if you've met these people and you truly know them. [Goldstein is] quite the master of writing about family dynamics. THIS NEW NOVEL IS A JOY." - Ed Kalegi, nationally syndicated radio host of "The Weekend with Ed Kalegi"
"Gary details [main character] Nate's journey of self-discovery in such sensitive and comprehensive ways, I couldn't put the book down." - Carol Ann Tack, host of "Top Shelf at Merrick Library" book podcast.


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